Marciana of the New Continent (lady_tavington) wrote in thehandbasket,
Marciana of the New Continent


Hey all! New here! I know this comm has been mostly fics, but I thought I'd liven the comm up a bit with this little thing I've got...

For my fellow DanRad-Lij/DanRad/Lij fans/shippers out there:

You know you're obsessed with the pairing if you see this pic of Elijah and think, "OMG HE STOLE DAN RADCLIFFE'S FACE SHAPE, RIGHT DOWN TO THE JAWLINE!!!"

::is obsessing::

[x-posting that last bit into danrad_lij and thehandbasket]

ALSO: Am not sure if I'm allowed to do this, but I would like to pimp out danrad_lij, the DanRad/ElWood/DanRad-ElWood comm I'm modding and just recently made. We're affiliating with this comm too, coz we DanRad/ElWood shippers gotta stick together :D
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