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Our Own Comfy Purgatory

the handbasket
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Welcome to The Handbasket!

This community serves as a comfy purgatory for those who find themselves reading and/or writing Elijah Wood/Daniel Radcliffe RPS. It took us all by surprise and has snowballed into something needing its own separate home. Welcome to ... hell.

Anything goes: discussion, confessions, photos and graphics, snippets, ficlets, stories and full-on epics. All genres and ratings are welcome. Please put all apropriate info in the headers of the story.

Warning: We do not require Daniel to be older than he is now (15 years old) to engage in any of this. We trust you to read what you think you'll enjoy, and not to flame if you happen to be squicked. In fact, don't flame at all. You'll be out of here faster than you can hit "post".

Also: We will archive at Highway to Hell all stories posted here unless the author states in the headers of the story that he or she does not wish the story to be archived.