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I'm HOME!!!

*Looks around approvingly*
*settles into big, comfy leather sofa in corner*

I can't even begin to tell you all how excited I am to have finally found this place! I have a serious EW/DR obsession and it's nice to see that I'm not the only one in the world who adores these two together. I haven't yet been able to put my finger on what exactly it is about this pairing that excites me so much...they just seem so perfect together. I think part of it is just their similiar looks-huge blue eyes, delicate facial structure, small frame, same sexy-just-out-of-bed-mussed hair...mmmmmm.

Sorry, got a bit distracted there. Anyway, I'm thrilled to have a place to come & indulge in my slightly perverse obsession. Can't wait for more!
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welcome! things have been a bit quiet around here lately, but don't let that fool you. heart!
Hello new person!

saturn92103 and I (or mostly her, since I can't code for shit) just took over the archive for the handbasket, and I can't tell you how happy were are to have some new blood around here!

Feel free to air any and all kinks-- we don't judge. :)
Ohhhhh...pretty icon!! *worships*

Thanks to both of you for the warm welcomes! I'm not much of a writer-something I'm trying to work on-but I love reading everyone else's stories. And I'm very good at offering up gushing feedback! You post, I'll gush...works out perfectly! :)

It's a bit funny how I ended up here. Was looking for HP RPS & saw DR/EW on one of the sites. First reaction was "ewwwwwww". Then I read Tempted. New reaction-"MORRRRRRE!!"